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Naia is a person who is a free-spirit. They flow through life with the spirit of a Dolphin (the Hawaiian word for dolphin is Nai'a). Naia is a person who is always seeking adventure and will take off on a whim with gentle determination. You can find people with this name traveling the world or lost in a daydream of escape.
Naia left this morning for Thailand. She said "Today is a Thailand sort of Monday."

Let's go with the flow like Naia.
by NaiaLove February 18, 2010
A brunette who's always going with the flow
Person: what a wonderful girl that Naia is
by Spirit102 July 10, 2013
The NAIA is an intercollegiate athletic sanctioning organization. NAIA is an acronym for National Association for Intercollegiate Athletics. Members of the NAIA tend to be small, private liberal arts colleges, but occasionally public colleges and universities are members. Colleges that are members of the NAIA usually emphasize academics over athletics. That's why events are never heavily publicized outside of the school itself and the Internet. The best known event sanctioned by the NAIA is the annual Men's Basketball Tournament held in Kansas City every March. Also, the NAIA holds a football championship game in Rome GA every December the weekend before Christmas.
Events sanctioned by the NAIA are so much better than the NCAA because the events are laid back and cheaper to attend due to the lack of commercialization that NCAA Division I events have.
by Small College Athletics Fan May 04, 2011
a naium is definition to describe a big ass nigger who is sly...they normally come light skinned
1. why you being a naium man fix up kmt
by some sexy bredda who sings October 05, 2006
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