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the knocking of fist in the most nerdiest way possible
"What is up Melvin? WoW tonight? Swell, let's dap it up."

"Yo Kane, what it do big homie? Dap me up nigga!"

"WTF? does dis nigga think he is a blood?! I aint seen dat nigga dap it once during his initiation. Kill dis dapless dapping mafucka!"

by Galbert-Kun April 06, 2009
Acronym- Dank Asian Pussy/Penis
Damn I want hit that DAP eating rice over there.
by MTOT September 30, 2009
Digital Archive Project, dedicated to the digital preservation of our favorite shows.
Person 1 - checked out the shit on DAP?
Person 2 - yea, they got all the episodes of Freakazoid, the best show on the planet!
Person 1 - some sweet shit dude.
by yaw/e September 04, 2005
Dap is used when someone is fucked up...DRUNK AS POOP!
shit that guy is dap
by blaze me later March 19, 2005
noun | love, props, or a salutation

verb | to greet someone, to hang out together
Hey brotha, give some dap.

Yo, I was just dappin wit my homiez
by tommy da cat October 21, 2002
A form of greeting in which two people slap and grasp hands briefly. Similar to a high five, except dap is given chest high. Less frequently (and also quite corny), dap can be given in the form of pounding fists in a vertical manner.
I saw my old homie at the club, gave him dap and said, 'What's up'
by yeshyeshyall June 25, 2005
Acronym: Dogged A Prostitute

to acquire the services of a prostitute, introduce her to mind-altering chemicals then letting your canine buddy have a crack at her.
"damn man, there's that strung out sterno whore i dap'd last night. my black lab otis and a couple sniffs of ether and she'll never be the same."
by stu in the zoo January 18, 2007