Digital Audio Player. Useually a handheld, electronic device used for playback of a variety of audio codecs. Other features that are being implemented are: color screen, photo rendering, mpg4 video playback, FM radio and voice/radio/line-in recording to name a few.
Most iPod users don't know they own a DAP.
by Ed June 18, 2005
Dumb Ass Person
That kid was a DAP.
by Krazedadon July 12, 2008
walking funny or with a limp
"This mac-11 makes me walk with a crazy dap"
by Tony C. December 19, 2005
DAP - Digital Archive Project.

DAP Central is the main source for DAPs, with archives of twenty or more entire TV series.
DAP Central on the 'net
by ChrisTOTG August 28, 2005
Deep Anal Penetration

To be completely dominated. Other entries include own, pwn, ream.
I got completely DAPPED playing Halo with Steve yesterday.

That exam totally dapped me!
by Vi-La August 14, 2005
1 adj. stylish; well-dressed. short for dapper
2 adj. Aware; up-t-date. A Jazz Lexicon.
You want somebody to know aman is sharp, is au reet, you say he's dap
by Tom Miller May 01, 2004
replaces any verb in the english language, particularly when a verb cannot be remembered in the case of the speaker.
"Yo can I dap up that drink?"
"I'll dap you up later on the cell."
"I totally dapped up that chick yesterday."
"It's your turn to dap up the bill."
"Hey meng, you better dap up the 9-1-1 or this guy is going to die."
"I'm sorry officer, I neglected to dap up the sign."
by QU1KTR1GRMCN1GR January 24, 2010

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