To perform or simulate masturbation in a situation where it would not be wise to do so.
"hey is that guy scratching his crotch in a nursery?"
"aww man thats a danger-wank right there"

"did you hear about those guys that got arrested for indecent exposure?"
"they call it that, but it was just the danger-wank tournament"
#masturbation #asking for it #pushing it #walking the dog #slapping your salami #risk-fiddling
by GSD Ste V B June 13, 2006
The act of having a wank, and calling your mum just before coming. Then coming, and cleaning up before she walks into your room.
Ray: Alright kiddo, what'd you do last night?
Steve: I thought I'd have a danger wank, but I didn't clean up in time, and my mum saw my todger..
#wank #tommy tank #masterbate #parents #funny
by GrungeMonkey March 21, 2006
to crack one off at speed making sure you shoot your load before you get caught!
shouting for your mum whilst beating off!
wanking in an elevator in a multi story car park whilst on the way to the top floor!
beating off in your car while waiting for the lights to change to green!
all of the above must be done by every male in the world!
by mike March 19, 2004
Stimulation of the male reproductive cylinder, with intent to excrete reporductive plasma, in situations involving high risk of social humiliation.
Examples of danger wank:

Whilst sharing a bedroom with a sibling and/or a parent and/or a grand-parent.

Also may involve the oscillation of the cylinder membrane whilst under the pretence of performing currency generation activities with the head of the currency generation operation (one's boss).
#danger #wank #wanking #toss #masturbation
by Wankington October 29, 2008
When you masturbate quickly with a good risk of being caught so it's more exciting.
I was upstairs earlier and my cleaner was dusting downstairs so I had a danger wank while peeping through a crack in the door at her
#toss #jerk off #wanking #tugging #whacking off
by Adam the definer ! July 29, 2014
Phrase given to the notorious art of masturbation within scenarios of heightened exposure.

Friend 1 - 'Man I'm totally hooked on danger wanks, i tried to go back and i cant'

Friend 2 - 'Dude I know! just yesterday, before a service, i climbed into the grave and s.........

Friend 1 - 'Get outta my church'
#danger #wank #masturbate #funny #church
by compasskid April 21, 2009
To materbate in an unusual fashion. This involves the process of calling a friend or family member to you whilst masterbating, this is done with the intention of ejaculation before they arrive to your room of 'pleasure'.
Gill-"Whats up callum?"
Callum-"Aw orrr"
Callum-"It was just a Dangerwank"
#thehitch #flapjacks #whitelightning #danger #damnitmeeg
by Charlie Hesketh February 19, 2014
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