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1. A person of the female variety who is such a slut that her guts are full of com.
She's such a slurry guts that when she talks she dribbles cum.
by Kylz August 04, 2004
A slutty mole that often has her face in fish position (ie. sucking cock). Is big-breasted and resides in Marrickville.
Get off your knees and get us some chocolate, you fish-faced mole.
by Kylz August 04, 2004
a polite way of referring to balls
Helen was impressed by Andrew's scrotumnal fortitude (big balls)
by Kylz August 04, 2004
1. Wanking so often and violently that you are in danger of damaging your member.

2. Beating the meat so hard that it starts to come off.

3. Treating your dick like an amusement park
Ox realised he was having a danger wank after the doctor told him he didn't have an STD but that he just needed to leave it alone for a day or two
by Kylz August 04, 2004

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