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4 definitions by Spilox

Wanking in a place were you can be caught at any moment.
"What's that guy doing in that phoneboot?"
"Oohw he's just Danger wanking"
by Spilox April 22, 2009
67 4
A person that looks gay at first but isn't.
He "gives a gay first impression"!
Guy 1: "Hé i'm Dirk".
Guy 2: "Hé i'm Murray".
Guy 2: "Are you a GAGFI"?!!!
Guy 1: "A what"????
Guy 2: "Yeah man!!. You give a gay first impression".
Guy 1: "NO FUCKING WAY!!!!!"
by Spilox August 06, 2008
66 7
Someone that has sex with ugly women when they are having their period.
"Wanna have sex?"
"No, i'm having my period"
"Even better!"
"Ah sick, you are such a Dirty Dipper!"
by Spilox April 23, 2009
54 2
Like in the Star trek movies it means you are fucked.
You promote someone to Captain therefor putting al the blame and responsibility on that person. So you can sneak away.
"Hey James, i'm just going next door, and uh you're the Captain. Bye!"

"Ah FUCK!"

(therefor being the Captain)
by Spilox May 08, 2009
50 5