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DAN is an abbreviation for a, Difficult Ass Nigga. (VERB)
You use the word "DAN" whenever your friend or anyone you know is being overly difficult.

EX: Everyone has that one friend or family member who's a DAN, for instance your friend has a empty tank of gas and just got paid, you and all of your friends are going to the beach, there's 12 of you and 2 people are driving instead of offering to drive you insist that everyone crams into the cars, that's a Dan.
by AJW17717 July 09, 2014
Short for Daniel, is sweet, incredibly kind, handsome and is a bad boy but is good to his lady. He is loved deeply by many. His persona is low key, reserved and shy but he finds humor in any and everything. He doesn't discriminate against any type of race. He has a thing specifically for african american woman. Dan has soul. He loves music. And he loves to rap. It's his passion. He is a musician and loves to listen to music. Sometimes, He isn't the best looker but his quirky ways and personality make up for his individuality that gets the ladies hooked. Once you land a Dan, don't ever let him go. Keep him either as a friend or lover because he's the type of guy you want to keep in your life. He's one of a kind and will always keep it 110% with you. However, he is sensitive at times and if you mess up with a Dan, he's strong enough to walk away. To get him back after you mess up requires a lot of patience and you have to prove yourself to him again so he feels he can trust you. But he is so worth the wait!
Dan is the man!

I want me a Dan as a best friend!

I am in love with Dan!

Dan, Dan, Oh, Dan, Daannnnnnnnn!!!!

Dan lovvveessss him some brown sugar!
by ChinkyShaSha January 14, 2012
Stands for Dick Around Nap. It is when you take a nap on the couch, with the lights on, T.V. on, etc... Instead of going to your room and taking a real nap in your bed.
I walked into my house during the day and saw my brother laying on the couch with the T.V. on, so I asked him what he was doing. He replied "I am taking a NAP". I replied with " Why are you dicking around? Why don't you turn the TV off, go to your room, turn the lights off, get into bed, and take a REAL nap....instead of a fucking D.A.N.
by Tim_M_G January 05, 2010
Dan is usually quite an honest guy who cares about those close to him. It would be best not to annoy him because he could take anyone in a fight. To start with he may come a cross as a douche but as you get to know him you'll see that he is actually a great guy who is just too brutally honest sometimes.
Have you seen Dan?
Yeah he's great
by Ironman98 June 09, 2014
The perfect guy. Great at everything they do. Sexy, smart, romantic, funny. Very well endowed and a great lover with a kinky side. His #1 priority is to please you. Sensitive and understanding, a great listener who will always be there for you. More of a lover than a fighter but will stand up for himself and loved ones. A keeper.
You are so lucky to be with Dan. I dream of having a man as good as Dan.
by orggy April 14, 2014
To use the term "slut" when describing him would be letting him off lightly.

If you are female and over the age of 18 (a very specific rule of his) then you have been warned; he will stick his dick anywhere.

Sleeping with members of staff is a particular hobby of his, and he is also partial to making said staff refuse to work any shifts with him ever again.

He can also be found, in some circumstances, counting down the days until a young girl's 18th birthday, so that he can "get her battered and shag her".

Moreover, Dan is a sexist pig; simply exclaiming "all you women are fucking crazy" at any given opportunity.
"Dan, this is my friend ---"

"She 18?"
by wednesdayjade March 13, 2014
A guy who is a marvelous musician and soccer player with a real taste in music but is socially awkward around strangers and insanely weird with his friends.
Dan is a really good musician who can also play soccer.
by Biobolt36 September 23, 2013