The word 'Dan' is used to describe a person who does not like to part with their money and is known for making decisions in a jewish manner. This person will use any ways possible in order to conserve money such as wiping their bottom with their hand after toileting or turning underwear inside out to get "more use"
1: "Hey can I borrow £1 until we get home?"
2: "No I'm saving"
1: "Oh god you're such a Dan"
by OHLAWDJESUS February 05, 2015
DAN is an abbreviation for a, Difficult Ass Nigga. (VERB)
You use the word "DAN" whenever your friend or anyone you know is being overly difficult.

EX: Everyone has that one friend or family member who's a DAN, for instance your friend has a empty tank of gas and just got paid, you and all of your friends are going to the beach, there's 12 of you and 2 people are driving instead of offering to drive you insist that everyone crams into the cars, that's a Dan.
by AJW17717 July 09, 2014
Dan (Duh-an), Noun: A soulless ginger who will always be considered the #2 son-in-law.

dan (duh-an), Verb: To actively come in second place in every aspect of life, especially at being a son-in-law.

see also; danning, dannies, dans, danned
Person 1: Did you see Dan today?
Person 2: I did. He was trying to impress his mother-in-law, but she was having none of it, because he will always be the #2 son-in-law.
Person 1: Ohh. That is too bad. The sooner he learns to quit being such a dan, the happier he will be!
by Lord ZS December 13, 2012
dan is maybe the person you know who over reacts the most, all of his friends get sick of his winging and wishes he would get a grip and grow some balls
Friend1: hey, did you hear about dan crying last night

Friend2:yeah I did but c'mon when is dan not crying
by timmytom122 September 12, 2014
A guy who is named Dan will have an aura of awe inspiring power that you can just sense by looking into his eyes. He will become a deadly ninja who follows the eight-fold path backwards, wrestle bears in space, orbit the moon, and tango with the fandango.
He is...
The most interesting Dan in the world...
Charles The Goat: Who is that!?
Manny The Hairball: Just look at how regally he walks, he must be a Dan.
by ME&MYSELF August 06, 2014
Dan is usually quite an honest guy who cares about those close to him. It would be best not to annoy him because he could take anyone in a fight. To start with he may come a cross as a douche but as you get to know him you'll see that he is actually a great guy who is just too brutally honest sometimes.
Have you seen Dan?
Yeah he's great
by Ironman98 June 09, 2014
A douchey over used name usually for a Maldovian fuck head
by Schaasuckmynuts February 12, 2014

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