The word 'Dan' is used to describe a person who does not like to part with their money and is known for making decisions in a jewish manner. This person will use any ways possible in order to conserve money such as wiping their bottom with their hand after toileting or turning underwear inside out to get "more use"
1: "Hey can I borrow £1 until we get home?"
2: "No I'm saving"
1: "Oh god you're such a Dan"
by OHLAWDJESUS February 05, 2015
Men who are named Dan are often upset with the world on a daily basis. They are usually frowning and tend to hate happiness. They also seem to reject anything in life that is remotely pleasant.
Person 1: Hey, want to go out tonight?
Person 2: No I'd rather eat a pinecone and sleep until 2045
Person 1: Ugh you're being such a Dan right now.
by girlgirlgirl98 January 23, 2015
Acronym for Dumb Ass Nigger. Often used to describe someone stupid even if they aren't black
Guy 1: Dude I heard Joe got that chick pregnant!

Guy 2: No way! What a DAN!
by Lking13 December 21, 2014
Noun- Extremely funny kid, usually a ladies man; very loud.

Verb- To make faces in the mirror at yourself.
Noun- That Dan always makes my day ten times better!

Verb- That boy always Dans in the bathroom; it's pretty creepy.
by DTMsgirl March 08, 2012
Dan.....An amazing loving person that gives you all then money you want when you want and where you want. he is the most wonderful and amazing person you will ever meet. I feel sorry for you if you don't have someone called Dan in your life
Dan.My Dad.
by Minion!!!!! March 18, 2016
dan is maybe the person you know who over reacts the most, all of his friends get sick of his winging and wishes he would get a grip and grow some balls
Friend1: hey, did you hear about dan crying last night

Friend2:yeah I did but c'mon when is dan not crying
by timmytom122 September 12, 2014
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