To use the term "slut" when describing him would be letting him off lightly.

If you are female and over the age of 18 (a very specific rule of his) then you have been warned; he will stick his dick anywhere.

Sleeping with members of staff is a particular hobby of his, and he is also partial to making said staff refuse to work any shifts with him ever again.

He can also be found, in some circumstances, counting down the days until a young girl's 18th birthday, so that he can "get her battered and shag her".

Moreover, Dan is a sexist pig; simply exclaiming "all you women are fucking crazy" at any given opportunity.
"Dan, this is my friend ---"

"She 18?"
by wednesdayjade March 13, 2014
An amazing person overall! A great friend who is always there for you and is always up for a laugh. Great looking and he has eyes that make you smile not stop.
I want a dan
I got a dan!
Omg im jealous
by A FRIEND1109 May 05, 2013
Dan is someone who is perfect in every way. He is good-looking, funny and just amazing. He doesn't show affection very much, but when he does, its perfect. There is no way to describe how special he really is. He will be someone you will miss, everyday. You will wake up wishing he was there, but sometimes you have to let go of Dan. One day he will tell you he loves you, and compliment you all the time, and the next it will be like you never existed. Be careful with him, he may break your heart several times, but you've got to not give up, you will regret it. I don't know anyone else I would spend my time with, but I lost Dan. One day you may speak to him again, but sometimes you have to keep waiting. Dan is full of suprises. You will love Dan, hes perfect.
Dan's so perfect
Is that Dan? wow, hes amazing
by donotgiveup May 17, 2012
A person who is very nosy. Loves hearing secrets and doing the right thing. He cares about everyone around him. He's a gamer!!! People get very attached to him easily because hes so sweet! Easily turns on girls.
Dan-He's so sexy and attractive
by you1 March 04, 2012
Dan is an amazing guy who doesn't know it. He's tall, blond and has the most interesting eyes. He's one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet and before you know it you'll be head over heels for this guy. He has a great sense of humour and the cutest smile. He's gorgeous, intelligent and sweet. Once he holds you in his arms you never want to let him go. I love my dan and he's perfect.
liv: Who's that?
izzie: oh thats my dan
liv: hes gorgeous
izzie: i know :)
by pixizzie July 23, 2011
Acronym meaning- Dumb Ass Nigger
Look at that dan acting like a fucking gorilla.
by taking it to far May 16, 2011
noun: A creature with an asian man haircut, chinstrap mustache, who shows up at random parties as a human, eventually gets so hammered that all he wants to do is get into a robe, thus establishing himself as "Dans Hefner", and eventually becomes an ape who's only mission is to leave his surroundings in ruins.

verb: To get in a "bent knee stance", grab your drink by two hands, whatever it may be, and continue to chug it with your eyes wide open, until it is completely gone.
"Dans your drink right now!"

"Just Dans."

"Does anybody know where Dans is?"

"Dans-proof the house, because he is goinng to break everything."
by Dans Hefner April 07, 2009

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