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A Dumb Ass Nigger / or Dumb Ass Negro
What the hell is that D.A.N. doing over there?
by mikesweenie August 28, 2007
noun. what you call a dumb black person. D: dumb A: ass N: nigger. Stupid african american.
1. your such a D.A.N.
2. whats up dan?
3. dont talk your a dan
by Brandyn McCartney October 21, 2007
dumb ass nigger, this way white people can call each other that w\out black people getting offended
DUDE1:"look at that d.a.n. over there"
DUDE2:"ya what a d.a.n."
by dudecool09 October 22, 2006
The most amazing, caring, selfless, sweet, handsome, and sexy boyfriend any girl could want. The girlfriend of Dan is a very lucky person who couldn't ask for more.
My first boyfriend was a Dan.
by Skullionaire April 10, 2011
dumb ass nigger, a nicer way to call someonen the "N" word
this d.a.n. at work is getting on my nerves
by ta2edredneck July 24, 2006
A guy that on appearance can often be mistaken for a young child. Often quotes N-Dubz when talking to girls. He can tend to annoy some people with his rants and moaning, although his friends accept that this is who he is and put up with him.
On the whole, Dan is a nice guy that tries hard and is patiently waiting for that one special person that will see him for what he is - special. Bless him :)
by JustinCredible88 January 02, 2011
A person who is very nosy. Loves hearing secrets and doing the right thing. He cares about everyone around him. He's a gamer!!! People get very attached to him easily because hes so sweet! Easily turns on girls.
Dan-He's so sexy and attractive
by you1 March 04, 2012