A fat piece of shit who plays video games all god damn DAY.
Wow dude that kid is such a Dan
by $w3glard April 29, 2016
The best -est boyfriend you will ever have he is romantic, sweet, kind, caring, loving, to many words to explain! His eyes are like a mirror! when you look into them u see the whole world. you cant stop thinking of him no matter what, he make u smile and laugh all the time!
(girlfriend talking to her best friend) Dan is the best est boyfriend i have ever had!
(best friend) i wish i had a boyfriend like dan!
by girlfriend2288 July 11, 2013
Dan (Duh-an), Noun: A soulless ginger who will always be considered the #2 son-in-law.

dan (duh-an), Verb: To actively come in second place in every aspect of life, especially at being a son-in-law.

see also; danning, dannies, dans, danned
Person 1: Did you see Dan today?
Person 2: I did. He was trying to impress his mother-in-law, but she was having none of it, because he will always be the #2 son-in-law.
Person 1: Ohh. That is too bad. The sooner he learns to quit being such a dan, the happier he will be!
by Lord ZS December 13, 2012
Men who are named Dan are often upset with the world on a daily basis. They are usually frowning and tend to hate happiness. They also seem to reject anything in life that is remotely pleasant.
Person 1: Hey, want to go out tonight?
Person 2: No I'd rather eat a pinecone and sleep until 2045
Person 1: Ugh you're being such a Dan right now.
by girlgirlgirl98 January 23, 2015
A douchey over used name usually for a Maldovian fuck head
by Schaasuckmynuts February 12, 2014
A guy who is a marvelous musician and soccer player with a real taste in music but is socially awkward around strangers and insanely weird with his friends.
Dan is a really good musician who can also play soccer.
by Biobolt36 September 23, 2013
Dan is a great guy with an amazing but strange sense of humor. He is rather good looking. He is one of the best friends you could have in your life because he can make you laugh by just talking. He's hard not to love because of his obscene sense of humor. He really is a great person to be around and any girl would be lucky to be with him.
... Dan
by Unicornsaremybestfriend December 23, 2012
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