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A guy who is a marvelous musician and soccer player with a real taste in music but is socially awkward around strangers and insanely weird with his friends.
Dan is a really good musician who can also play soccer.
by Biobolt36 September 23, 2013
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The best -est boyfriend you will ever have he is romantic, sweet, kind, caring, loving, to many words to explain! His eyes are like a mirror! when you look into them u see the whole world. you cant stop thinking of him no matter what, he make u smile and laugh all the time!
(girlfriend talking to her best friend) Dan is the best est boyfriend i have ever had!
(best friend) i wish i had a boyfriend like dan!
by girlfriend2288 July 11, 2013
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Dan is a great guy with an amazing but strange sense of humor. He is rather good looking. He is one of the best friends you could have in your life because he can make you laugh by just talking. He's hard not to love because of his obscene sense of humor. He really is a great person to be around and any girl would be lucky to be with him.
... Dan
by Unicornsaremybestfriend December 23, 2012
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Noun- Extremely funny kid, usually a ladies man; very loud.

Verb- To make faces in the mirror at yourself.
Noun- That Dan always makes my day ten times better!

Verb- That boy always Dans in the bathroom; it's pretty creepy.
by DTMsgirl March 08, 2012
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An overall always pissed off person.
Very anti-social and bi-polar, he'd be best friends with you for 3 days and completely ignore you and act like you are the creepiest person in the world the next.
Constantly makes you bring up the question "WTF!!??" in your mind.
Basically someone hard to deal with in life.
OMFG why is Dan always so pissed off at me?

Dude....we video chatted for 17 days straight 5 hours everyday and now we barely talk...in fact he ignores me...lik WTF????

Oh Dan.. god knows what goes on inside that child's head...
by lolomfglmfaowtf December 14, 2011
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abbreviation for Dumb Ass Niggers
I went to the ghetto liquor store and there were so many DANS hanging around the store.
by Brooke Lane July 23, 2011
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Stands for Dog Ass Nasty.
Holy Cross player: damn dude, those Bethlehem football players were D.A.N.

Bardstown player: whats D.A.N.?

Holy Cross player: dog ass nasty. i dont ever want to play them again.
by GoCards1986 June 07, 2011
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