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A man of questionable humour - appealing only to the sick of mind or those of equal nutsosity. Totally bodacious and a complete stud. Pretty eyes and dangerous eye jabbing hair
grrrr.....licking of lips......Dan you complete nutjob give it to me big.
by Prokarenadol March 07, 2010
Some would describe as piffle whizz dong but on further acquaintance can only be described as fucking hot, sexy, funny, smart, totally delicious, tummy churningly yummy. Love love love .............The cougar says I LIKE IT
piffle.....grrrr............wow....that Tarquin is one hot piece of ass
by Prokarenadol April 24, 2010
A state of confusion, nervousness, frustration or general flappiness. Sometimes brought on by being caught out whilst up to mischief or when someone is rummaging inside your undergarments and not finishing the task!
Tarquin came over and felt me up. Bastard left before I got off and left me all cafufflicated.
by Prokarenadol March 15, 2010

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