A wonderful guy that any girl would be lucky to have. He's funny, sweet, and the most adorable thing on earth. It would be hard not to fall in love with this Dan. It would be hard not to have him in your life. Every day would go by like there was no meaning. Like a day is just another day. A minute is just a minute. But because you have this particular Dan you start to realize how much time you've been wasting and you want more time with him. Time goes faster when your with him, when you wish time would just stop, so you could have all the time you could with him. He's such a special guy and he always smiles and always thinks about other people. He's very caring and understanding. You may sometimes fight with a Dan but your feelings could never change because of that. Dan is a great guy. So perfect and you'd never want to lose someone like him. He's a keeper. Dan's have amazing eyes and could be easily lost in them. There mesmerizing. His very presence is intoxicating. Dan's have some insecurities but they should realize that no one could ever hate them for what there insecure about. They wouldn't judge them either. They are who they are and that's why people love Dan's. It's easy to get jealous over Dan's because the ladies are all over them but if a Dan truly loves you he'll stay faithful to you and only have eyes for you. Never let a Dan go because there the best people out there. I love my Dan very much :)
Girl 1: Oh damn Dan is sexy.

Girl 2: Oh I know, and he's all mine.
by AgirlTHATlovesAdanVERYmuch April 11, 2011
dumb ass nigga.(dumb ass nigger)
He gets out of jail then goes right back for the same damn thing.he is such a d.a.n.
by donchaknow April 17, 2006
Perscription Pain Killas used to get high
effects are like bein drunk and high at the same time
also known as Bo's,purchased in Wops(25 Dans)
Its a Frisco thang
My nigga you pop them dans, u looks d'd out.
by YAY BOY October 13, 2005
n. The most amazing boyfriend ever, always dependable, caring, sweet, hilarious. Loves music, soccer, ice cream, and Emily. He's also insuperfluous.
Everyone needs a Dan.
by Panda555 February 03, 2010
a guy who is deeply loved by a girl victoria. also a very funny and hot guy. he can always make you happy when your sad and he will always make you smile when you just look at him.
girl: i love dannnn!
girl2: i know who wouldnt?!?
by AirotcivEsorr May 09, 2009
A word that can replace any lyric (or part of a lyric) in a song. This is used for comedic enjoyment for a group of people usually when they are under the influence of alcohol or other substance.
drunk group #1: Three little monkeys jumpin on the DAN! one fell off and bumped his DAN!

high group #2: Sing us a song your the pianoDAN! sing us a song toDAN!

Ryan: And i jizzed in my DAN!ce
by Theo Ratlif October 15, 2009
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