A noun; person, place, thing, or idea. The best I ever had. An amazing, smart, incredible, dazzling, marvelous, prodigious, special, clever, funny, sweet, generous, caring, sexy, tall, buff, animalistic, crazy, wild, guy! One can be found within 414,454,894,274!
Dan is amazing@
by nelldo June 13, 2009
a name for the best friend anyone could ever have: usually has a twin who is his polar opposite, usually has superhuman strength. If you have a Dan in your life, you should be grateful that you have such a fantastic chum.
person 1: I had Dan for a boyfriend on last friday
person 2: lucky! but i heard he ice-skated over your hand
person 1: yeah, but it healed up really quick since it was such a clean cut
person 2: so you don't hate him?
person 1: never in a million years - he's my best friend for life!
by shnukums77 December 25, 2008
A gentleman who will take your breath away. Beautiful eyes and awsome man hands. A great sence of humor and always able to make you smile. A man impossible to leave your thoughts. Big dreams for his future and is always open to spontaneighty. He will always put you first, even hold your purse! Best thing that ever happened to me!
Girl 1: Yeah, I broke up with that slob...I hate being single
Girl 2: You know what you need now?... you need a Dan!
by Lilly R. July 16, 2010
A man of questionable humour - appealing only to the sick of mind or those of equal nutsosity. Totally bodacious and a complete stud. Pretty eyes and dangerous eye jabbing hair
grrrr.....licking of lips......Dan you complete nutjob give it to me big.
by Prokarenadol March 07, 2010
A weed nug that is high in potency and gets you really high.
Yo that D.A.N from last night had my head spinnin.

Yo grab that D.A.N so we can't feel our faces later on.
by Asian Baby Feast March 23, 2009
Greatest boyfriend ever. Sweet, romantic, understanding, but also not afraid to explore the sexual side of the relationship. Although low self esteem is sometimes common, he will not let it show and will continue to raise yours. He's funny and adorable, and occasionally bad at planning. Ginger.
"Wow, is that your boyfriend? He's awesome; must be Dan."
by holliefosterrrr January 03, 2010
stands for Dumb Ass Nigger.
These DANs in math class are hindering me from learning and they must be punished to the fullest extent of the law.
by Ichigo Kurosaki April 11, 2005
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