A great guy whom everybody loves. He is always smiling, even when he tries really hard not to. Most girls would definitely date him. He can be really confusing, but he's one of the best friends anyone could have. Don't get him mad at you, because it is usually pretty upsetting. He's funny and cute and all around great!
That Dan over there, he's just awesome!

Wow, you see that Dan? He's really great!
by stallya. June 25, 2009
Dan is funny, hot, sexy, hes such a great guy and is very good-looking, everyone wants to be him and every girl wants to have hot steamy sex with him and play with him and he has the coolest name in the whole fucking world!!!!!!!!!!
hey that guy its such a dan
by lienad123 March 25, 2009
the cutest guy in the world, has the prettiest eyes ever, is simply amazing, soooo sweet, dazzling, and godly in everyway shape and form.

... oh and he has a chode.
but its ok, his cuteness makes up for it.
dammmmmmmmmmmn, he must be a dan
by chocolatethunder060 January 29, 2009
A Dan Is Someone Who Everyone Can Depend On. A Really Reliable Person. Everyone Feels Comfortable With A Dan. They Are Impossible Not To Love. Everyone Wants To Be His Friend.=]
Ben: I Met A Dan T'other Day
Sarah: Really!??!?!
Ben: Yep, Now I Wanna Be His Best Friend!!!
by OhYouKnowMe123 July 10, 2009
A very perverted person that is obsessed by sex and can't live without it. Every sentence he uses or move he makes is somehow related to sex.
Stop looking at my pussy you dan!!!
Omg, you're such a dan!!
by soulhunter93 February 16, 2008
one who has a slammin' bod.
the man.
girl one: who is that sexy beast right there?
girl two: oh, thats just Dan!
by thecatwhisperer February 06, 2010
a name for the best friend anyone could ever have: usually has a twin who is his polar opposite, usually has superhuman strength. If you have a Dan in your life, you should be grateful that you have such a fantastic chum.
person 1: I had Dan for a boyfriend on last friday
person 2: lucky! but i heard he ice-skated over your hand
person 1: yeah, but it healed up really quick since it was such a clean cut
person 2: so you don't hate him?
person 1: never in a million years - he's my best friend for life!
by shnukums77 December 25, 2008

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