adjective for someone who doesnt fully cover themselves and or pulls theyre pants so tight they have cameltoe
those clothes are damn skimpy
by Anonymous September 19, 2003
Top Definition
1-An inordinate lack of something.Usually clothes
2-A very small number or amount of a given object.
Did you see that Dirrty video? Her dress was damn skimpy.
by uberdave September 10, 2003
it's Damn SkiPpy
and that means "yes"
Did you get them new Jordans?

Damn Skippy!!!
by marcjon78 September 08, 2003
Insult. Someone who is lacking street credibility, props, juice, etc. Uncool or slow in style and fashion. Not a player.
That's right damn skimpy, you can't get with me. I'll run the whole track and leave ya three laps back!
by Ken Barrett September 17, 2003
Calista Flockhart.
Calista Flockhart is too skimpy and skinny
by Bonnie September 11, 2003
Someone who has an obsession with pencils.
Hey damn skimpy, how many pencils do you have in your collection?

26, mofo. Wanna play?
by Doco The Magic Dragon September 08, 2003
1) Extremely correct, Very right, Not wrong
2) Way to go, congratulations
1) Joe says "Man, Judy is a fuckin twat, that bitch threw all my clothes out on the driveway." Bill replies, "damn skippy."
2) Signs hung above the office copier saying "Damn Skippy, Bill, you fuxxin r0x0r, irl, k tks."
by Stiles Corleone September 19, 2003
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