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A girl who is so so hyper and can' t help it. A girl is so so random and you never understand wat she is saying. But she is so so funny. And always makes u laugh. She is so outgoing and can talk to anyone.
A girl: Hahahah wow she is such a Calista!!
Dude: I know ....wat the heck did she say??
by limegreeny November 15, 2009
Word comes from greek background and means :
Most beautiful.
This is usually true. looks wise and personality wise. Calista's are always cute. they love to be out there and spontaneous, and when they find something or someone they really like, they will obsess. Calista's are very creative and, when it comes to love, they are hardcore romantics, they always want to be around their partner, and they love to think about them <3
girl 1: "wow. look at ryan's new girl. they've been together for like a month and it's like thay cant get enough of each other."
girl2: "yeah. that's Calista. she's in my art class. pretty though, hey?"
by tinkerbelly210 February 21, 2012
(Noun.) Comes from Greek background and means "most beautiful". Calista is a very rare name, and usually is accompanied by a very rare person. Calista will always know how to brighten up your day. Often they will come with blonde or red hair. Outgoing, smart, weird at times, and very creative. But always beautiful inside and out. Their smiles are contagious. Calistas are known for being great kissers, and having a way with words. If you know a Calista, NEVER let her out of your sight.
"Dang she's amazing"

"Is her name Calista?"
"How did you know?!"
by MysterymaxxX30934 January 11, 2014
Noun. A beautiful, agile girl who you'll never catch with a frown on her face. Red hair and freckles. She'll laugh with you at anything. She's creatively talented and musical. If you come across a Calista, don't let her go because Calista is a hard name to find and it would be of your great loss. She's a girl that understands more about people then the world gives credit. You can trust her with your deepest secrets.
"That ginger actually makes gingers look good!"
"Oh, you must be talking about Calista"
by Catlover78 December 19, 2013
Calista is a girl who loves to hang and be around others just to make them happy. She is a talented and an amazing artist that usually draws what she imagines. Calista is a girl who loves to read books and play with children. If you ever meet a Calista you can find that she is a little silly sometimes but fun to hang out with. If you ever find a Calista don't let her go because she is a treasure that is unlike any other.
Man I wish I had an Calista
by vermilliopcd June 02, 2015
Skinny ginger, who may act oblivious but truly isn't; a great person but kinda whoreish, usually drunk or high, very promiscuous, needs to eat and keep it down. she won't remember meeting you.
i don't know, Calista sounds fitting
by Guesswhobissnitch September 12, 2010
too meat
Baby ain't got back..'n no front neither! She gone Calista on us!
by Zyde April 27, 2003
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