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Not just yes, but HELL yes.
"Did you shoot the man who accosted your girlfriend?"
"Damn skippy. And I'd shoot him again if I had another bullet."
by Frank Lash August 18, 2003
A derivative of "Damn straight" believed to have it's origins in the south eastern regions of Australia.

Note: This has nothing to do with Skippy the Bush type Kangaroo.
"You wanna do this?"
"Damn skippy!"
by Con Johnson August 07, 2003
To prove a strong point, a lot stronger than just 'yesser'.
"Mindless Self Indulgence Rocks!"
"Damn Skippy, yo!"
by Anonymous May 09, 2003
means absolutly right!!!!!!! with explanation
want to get drunk again 2moro nite? Damn skippy!!!!!!
by cwcb08 January 27, 2008
An assertion, usually used with yes or ya to emphasize some point made.
Person A: Didja see that fight on the corner? That chick got stomped, that's brutal.
Person B: Ya damn skippy that shit was brutal, I think the whole block stomped her ass.
by DarkNova December 14, 2001
-a term for "hell yes", "heck yes", "hellz yea", "psch yeah", "damn straight", and other terms alike.
-rarely but sometimes used in expression of happiness, disappointement, or frustration.
mostly used by scene boys and girls.
alexavogue: do you have the danimals jackie?
rawr, itz jxckie: damn skippy i have them!

alexavogue: is there anymore vodka under the sink?
rawr, its jxckie: no!
alexavoue: damn skippy!!
by hooy June 18, 2008
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