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a dag; a creeper
The daggot anderson came to fix my computer today and he was a creeper.
by alicia and chelsea February 17, 2009
Combination of a douchebag and faggot. Reserved only for the douchiest of lady-men.
Male Colts fan: "Did you see Tom Brady's hair?!"

Female Colts fan: "Oh yeah! Does he think he looks cool with his mullet hanging out the back of his half-helmet? What a fucking daggot!"
by b-dob February 10, 2011
daggot, a compound word fusing the term dumbass and the word faggot. Self explanitory if he is a dumbass and a faggot then he is a daggot.
Those two daggots cut me off on the freeway yesterday.
by Kolby October 19, 2005