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An acceptable replacement for use of the word 'fuck' when the setting is inappropriate (such as at work or church). Originated from VP Joe Biden's idiotic flub during a nationally televised press conference introducing Obama's health insurance reform bill. It is used as diversely as the word 'fuck', but can be said in front of your grandmother.
"This is a big bidening deal!"
"Obama is really bidening the country up!"
"Biden, that hurts!"
"I can't buy a pack of smokes without running into 9 guys you bidened!"
BML - Biden My Life
by b-dob March 25, 2010
A conjunction of a robust mullet and its wearer on a skateboard or other wheeled vehicle, usually on a very windy day.
Steve: You're here early today, Jethro.

Jethro: I left at the normal time, but I rode in on my Sioux City Sailboat.
Steve: How are you going to get home. The forecast calls for almost no wind this afternoon.
Jethro: Well fuck my sister! *thinks real hard* Can you give me a lift?
Steve: No! You haven't bathed in weeks!!
by b-dob December 09, 2009
Endearing nickname for a deliciously flowing mullet, known to originate in southern Georgia.
Cletus: We're gonna be camping all weekend. Shouldn't you bring a blanket or sumthin'?
Jasper: Naw, I've been growin' this here out since'n I was nahn! *points to back of neck*
Cletus: Shoulda knowed your Savannah Sleeping Bag would be warm enough!
by b-dob November 20, 2009
An alcoholic beverage named after the mustachioed former Chicago Bears coach. The drink is consumed like this: the bartender squeezes bourbon out of a greasy bratwurst bun into a shot glass, then headbutts you in the nose. You lean forward, letting some blood drip into the shot glass, then slam the shot and yell, "DITKA," in your best Chicago accent. Only recommended once per evening or tailgate.
I'm unemployed, my mortgage is past due, Obama is still president, and the shitty Bears just blew it again. Hey Norm, serve me up a fuckin' 'Dripping Ditka', will ya!
by b-dob November 30, 2009
Combination of a douchebag and faggot. Reserved only for the douchiest of lady-men.
Male Colts fan: "Did you see Tom Brady's hair?!"

Female Colts fan: "Oh yeah! Does he think he looks cool with his mullet hanging out the back of his half-helmet? What a fucking daggot!"
by b-dob February 10, 2011
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