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a cynic is someone that understands people only give a shit about things they benefit from. life is all about self-preservation and nothing else.
if i like someone, it's because they increase my chance of survival.

if someone likes me, it's because i increase their chance of survival.

by coujlia March 20, 2009
57 22
Someone who looks at the world without the blindfold of modern day society. Cynics look at the world like a critic, always judging it. They aren't afraid to speak their minds and give the facts without embelishing them.
Caitlin(non-cynic): Aw, I wish they had a cure for cancer so that poor little boy wouldn't have to die!
Andrew(cynic): We're all slowly dying, why try to prolong the inevitable?

John(non-cynic): Damn it! Why does the sun have to be so bright? I hate it when it gets in my eyes!
Matt(cynic): In a million years, the sun is going to expand and roast the Earth, turning it into a burning lump of rock, so just be glad.

Bob(non-cynic): Jeez, Paris Hilton is sooo damn SEXY!
David(cynic): She's a spoiled, lazy, stupid, ditzy waste of space. She's not even good at anything. She's just famous because her dad owns some hotel that we never even hear about. Plus, she has no boobs.
by Alyson Skye January 30, 2010
55 21
A cynic is a typically jaundiced person who has the rare ability to be able to see through common belief and see the truth and faults in today's society. Cynics are non-believers and do not conform, and have no interest whatsoever, in conforming to everyday society.
Cynics are usually disliked for their jaded and negative views on the way the world runs, and often beleive that the world runs according to selfishness and is driven my greed and money.
Andrew (innocent conformist): I wonder why George W. Bush called that bridge the Clinton Overpass?
Paul (cynic): He's hoping one day they'll name a bridge after him.
by cynical_being July 02, 2006
49 15
Inside Every Cynic is a disappointed idealist
~George Carlin
Poor Paul, he tired to go out and change the world. One trip to D.C. and he came back a cold hearted CYNIC
by Intelligence Malevolent March 17, 2011
37 7
The type of people posting their definitions of the word "relationship".
Only a cynic would post this definition of the word "relationship": A bond between two people; One person works to create/maintain love and fulfillment while the other person waits for something better to come along.
by TurkeyandGravy March 20, 2011
25 2
a person who has grown enough to see that some things in life aren't wonderful and sometimes people are selfish or disappointing, but has failed to find the humor and irony in this or realistically observe the many good things that also happen in life. oftentimes cynics seem to enjoy attempting to destroy the faith and joy found by other people--even when that faith serves no purpose than to make its owner balanced and happy as a human being.
Amanda said she believes she can accomplish great things in her life if she believes in herself, and Rob being a cynic felt it was his duty to crush this belief which hurt no one and only helped Amanda, thereby making Amanda sad. Rob needs to get a life.
by itstruewhatcanisay July 06, 2009
49 40
Someone smart enough to realize that life isn't perfect but too stupid to realize that it's still pretty fucking sweet.
That douche that no one invites to parties because he thinks he has an elevated sense of awareness and a mysterious, dark sexiness that all women must find desirable.
by Mike_Jennison December 25, 2009
59 54