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free ride, slut
casey is the town bicycle, every one has ridden her
by madeleine April 12, 2004
1) An object or person close to or touching the crotch of a living thing.
2) A state of deep sadness
1)That cow is a bit too smoby for my liking
2) Why so smoby, smoby mooroo?
by Madeleine January 09, 2005
Fun to shout at passers by. Sometimes i sit in a crowded room and shout it. Go on. Write it down. Nobsickle.
I say you are a wee bit of a nobsickle.
by Madeleine January 09, 2005
bull shit
What my boyfriend said to me last night was a bunch of hak balf!
by madeleine April 09, 2004
A guy who thinks that the world would and does stop to contemplate his almighty unique thoughts. He's ok though.
Chepi, just how pupo can u be?
by Madeleine February 06, 2004
a failed idealist
Joe became a cynic after being disappointed time after time.
by madeleine October 20, 2003
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