The act of feeling uncomfortable or mentally abused in a sexual or non-sexual manner via the internet or text.
Dude, he just told me i'm hot!!!

OMG dude you just got cyber raped!
by randomusername3681 May 07, 2011
Top Definition
The act of raping one via the internet. Analogous to cyber sex, except one of the two people does not want the sexually oriented messages. The recieving party feels harassed and scared as the cyber raper makes vulgar post like: "Show me your jumblies bitch, im gonna cock you so hard."
Chuck cyber raped me last night. He kept telling to call him stumpy while he munged a corpse.
by A-train April 17, 2005
The act of forcing cyber sex on someone on instant messengers or facebook chat.
- "Krist runs at Danyelle, before she realises, he sticks his cock up her arse"
- "Danyelle calls the police"

short but sweet cyber rape.
by Kristopolopodis April 15, 2010
When a man asks a woman if she wants nude pictures and she says no, and he sends them anyway.
Ryan cyber raped half the girls in the school with his dick picks.
by dickgargler69 May 09, 2015
Trying to scare innocent victims with gangster photos and lots of full stops in their conversation.

Cyber Rape.
by Gangster Man Yesh April 05, 2009
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