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5 definitions by toolie

Silly expression of happiness.
"Schniggidy Doo!!!!! I'm getting a new house"
by Toolie December 30, 2002
when the other person carries the fantasy to a place without you that you wouldn't go, or totally dominates the chat

cybering however is the province of pre-teens and predators. just go masterbate by yourself.
I'd never do anal I've been Cyber-raped
by toolie February 17, 2012
to take a detour through the park to get head on a secluded bench
guy 1: she gives good head
guy 2: yeah, but it was better Inside the Park-er
guy 1: oh crap that might be blowjob by proxy
by toolie February 17, 2012
dweeb 1: dood let's go to the comic shop for more hentai
dweeb 2: rule 106
dweed 1: for fucksake which one is that?

girl: rule what? ferengi masturbation code? dweebs!
by toolie February 17, 2012
A huge fan of the band " TOOL "
That guy is such a Toolie. (fan of TOOL)
by Toolie December 30, 2002