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the nipple. nothing more,nothing less.
"the hungry baby elephant suckled from its mothers frosty TEET"

k thnx. teet. use it.
by A-Train March 09, 2005
The act of raping one via the internet. Analogous to cyber sex, except one of the two people does not want the sexually oriented messages. The recieving party feels harassed and scared as the cyber raper makes vulgar post like: "Show me your jumblies bitch, im gonna cock you so hard."
Chuck cyber raped me last night. He kept telling to call him stumpy while he munged a corpse.
by A-train April 17, 2005
The way the government controls what we hear and see, bringing us but one step closer to Communism.
"Censorship fucking blows"
"Yea man, we might as well change our white stars to red ones."
by A-Train April 05, 2005
Early Morning Hard On - Found primarily among young males of the species
I woke up this morning with a total EMHO!
by A-Train March 10, 2003
Theta, a letter of the Greek alphabet often used to represent angle measures in math or science, can be used as a universal word.
Dude, so I was walking through the theta when this theta came up to me and I was like, "Back the THETA off of me man!"
by A-Train February 17, 2004
Jerking your wang off to some nice ass biznatches. You goota lub up the sausage though, you can't grab it dry jerk it.
"I was greasing my sausage all night on Mrs. Bonakdar's fine ass."
by A-train April 16, 2005
A flaming faggot, the ultimate queermo. A Queernof Ice is such a flamer that being around him is unbearable. His mere presence sickens you. They prefer to wear women's jeans and sometimes pretend to be straight but everyone know's they are queerer then a play.
Look at that queernof ice John David, what a flamer, let's go throw rocks at him.
by A-train April 17, 2005

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