some little snitch river rat
cutty is a snitch rat
by the duekstick August 18, 2007
adj.-Chill and secluded. A description of a place away from it all where you are likely not to be seen.
Theres a lot of traffic on 101, lets take the cutty backroad to the show.
by Brendan aka Benj November 16, 2004
Pronounciation: cut-ee
-adjective, -ti⋅er, -ti⋅est.

1. posessing some inherent property(s) entailing an exceptional level of wit, cleverness, intelligence, arbitrary facetiousness, and like properties.

(Origin: Pittsburgh Pennsylvania)
1. Joe, an awfully shady pizza delivery person, is sent out to deliver pizza to an apartment. When Joe arrives he must climb a flight of stairs to get to the destination apartment. On his way up the flight of steps pizza grease drips onto the stairs without his notice. When joe delivers the pizza he shortchanges his customers. On his way back down the steps he laughs to himself at his extra profit, as he slips on the spilled grease, tumbling to his impending doom. Several witnesses realize his shady activity and see the irony in his actions.

In response, the bystanders laugh uncontrollably, and one exclaimes, "Damn dude, that is some cutty ass shit!"

2. "Dude the joke on his t-shirt was cutty as hell."

3. "I stole a Reece's Cup right in front of the store clerk and he didn't notice. It was cutty as fuck."
by PittsburghCutoff November 19, 2008
a group of niggas from bay area reppin Vallejo...3C's down Country Club Crest...if you live there u a Cutty
hey cutty!!
Whaa iz it?! Cutty
by Duke October 20, 2003
cut throat, sickk, da bizz
that girl is straight cutty right there :)
by a$hhh moneyy July 22, 2008
cutty: (n) someone disobeying authority by executing mischievous and playful actions; typically enhanced by the descriptor 'young, young'; origin: Vallejo, Spring 1980, modified from Cutty-sark sign near Country Club Crest and Highway 37
Billy hit a home run to the swamp and pimpslapped Snoop and Boo when he rounded third. He's my young, young cutty.
by Chocolate Thunder February 17, 2004
Another word for pussy, box and vagina.
That nikka Duck be hungry on the cutty be he dont be in there like swimwear.
by thasyckness January 17, 2008

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