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1. A native of Loompaland, usually tending towards attributes of small size, an orange commplexion, and green hair; the first recorded information of them comes to us from Roahld Dahl, the author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
2. Someone who has one, or all, of these attributes; used usually as an insult or in a derogatory manner.
" John's new girlfriend is an Oompa-Loompa."
by Ren May 06, 2004
Acronym LOL spelled out; LOL - laughing out loud, lots of laughs, lots of love
that thing is so funny, el oh el!!
by ren May 01, 2004
Arguably the one of best cars ever made in the automobile industry. There are 10 generations of production for the Nissan Skyline.
1st Generation (1957-1963) aka ALSI-1
2nd Generation (1963-1968) aka S50/S50D/S54
3rd Generation (1968-1972) aka C10
4th Generation (1972-1977) aka C110
5th Generation (1977-1981) aka C210
6th Generation (1981-1985) aka R30
7th Generation (1985-1989) aka R31 V-Spec version is released
8th Generation (1989-1993) aka R32 V-Spec II version is released
9th Generation (1993-1998) aka R33
10th Generation (1998-? aka R34
Skyline GTS (twin turbo, RWD) with 2.5L RB25DET
Skyline GT-R came with the 2.6 6inline 6, RB26DETT (twin turbo, AWD)
whoa! that Nissan Skyline runs in the low 8's!
by ren July 08, 2004
1. to dip the ball into the cylinder of a basketball hoop
2. the best shoes ever made by nike
2. this pair of nike dunks are my favorite
by ren August 16, 2004
possibly the most intimate sexual position.
doggystyling is my favorite sexual position.
by Ren July 12, 2004
to be smooth, error free, visually outstanding, to appeal to the senses
"Damn that was flave!"
"Your lookin' flave."
"Your flave with the ladies."
"That Ren guy is flave with the women."
by Ren January 06, 2005
those who obsess over and/or have sexual interactions with the dead and corpses
ren wasn't aloud to work in the morge after she was discovered as a necrofiliac
by ren February 05, 2005
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