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an asian term fo a nigga...
wat up nikka? got hydro?
by viEt niKKa June 12, 2003
686 321
another way to say nigga
whuts up nikka
by mizan December 14, 2003
431 177
another word for "nigga"
Whudup nikka?
by NiKKaWhU December 15, 2002
286 149
the slang for nigga that whites use to feel cool without gettin shot by a black man
white #1: Yo wassuP nikka??
white #2: Yo nuttIn mucH jess piMpin it as usUal
white #1: fO shoo dAs hoW we Do
white #2: HelL ya nikka

by RitOosh November 04, 2005
289 211
Nikka is a female name of Persian origin, and means happy.
Girl 1: Hey, What's your name?
Girl 2: It's Nikka.
Girl 1: Pretty! What does it mean?
Girl 2: It means happy in Persian.
by Beautiful Ocean December 27, 2013
12 2
Prettiest, not to mention sexiest, girl you've ever seen! Pretty rare to hear of a Nikka. They are outgoing and love to help others! God gave us only few Nikkas, let's praise them while they last.

Originated from: Donica
was that a nikka i just saw?
yes, she was beautiful!
by tigersbball November 03, 2010
102 96
The asian way of saying nigga.
What happenin nikka? ont much mang , not much
by ¤Babygurl¤ April 17, 2004
145 165