Verb. To pull a Curtis is to agree to do something then, when the actual time comes, to not turn up. Then, when questioned about not turning up, to give a terrible -- yet vaguely believable -- excuse as to why you could not.
Person 1: "Yeah, yeah, spanking on Thursday... Yeah, yeah I'll be there."

Person 2: "Dammit, he didn't turn up. He totally pulled a Curtis on us!"
by EonVankmer December 30, 2012
Cooperative unit reinforcing telling in Secrecy

Translation- A Snitch

Named after Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson originated by Camron
That nigga is a C.U.R.T.I.S. always tellin on people
by SCeezy April 25, 2007
"Curtis" - Part of Speech = verb, Other forms: Curtising, Curtised
Definition: To consider all possible outcomes of a particular situation or course of action to the point of excess; usually associated with those of the astrological sign, Libra; never in balance, but makes the individual an excellent Student Advisor
He's Curtising again!
by coolcashingc April 01, 2012
the police
1. Curtis rolling hard today
2. slow down son, curtis curtis
by tbills123 May 03, 2010
A snitch. Especially in the context of a school environment.
John: "You're such a curtis."
Curtis: "Mr. Smith, John just called me a snitch!"
by snitcha June 22, 2011
A very horrible std. Worst than aids
Ah man that bitch just gave me the curtis!
by StarMar February 14, 2011
One who is or seriously acts like a hobag, ho, fro-ho baggins, ho dangles, hozilla, hotastrophy, ho dog, ho ho, etc....
Man you are being such a Curtis, just give me a piece of pizza with out trying to trick me into throwing away the box.
by Won't let you walk upstairs November 14, 2010

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