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The quality of being a tool. A quantifiable measure of just how big a tool someone is.
His toolness was out the roof- especially because he is wearing that ridiculous borat like suit to the gym.
#tool #douche #toolnys #ass #ignorant #fool
by _darb_ September 16, 2008
Your own individual attributes that make you, and define you as a tool. Every tool has there own essence, and varying degree of toolness that defines how big a tool he/she is.
Guy 1: "Hey man what do you think of Paul Teuttle Sr.?"

Guy 2: "I believe he exudes an extreme level of toolness, big- time. His pretentious handlebar mustache, teamed with his tight tanktops and roid'd up, tat'd up looking muscles, his losing personality, and the gay ass theme bikes he pays other people with skills to build for him, all contribute to his toolness."
#toolness #tooldom #tool #tool bag #tool shack #tool sack #toolshed #doucheness #douchebag
by jeffrotull87 January 22, 2012
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