1. the most hairy man alive.
2. yet, still balding.....
3. has a massive heart.
4. very compassionate and impassioned.
5. very compatible with a jennaor jennah.
6. very metrosexual.
7. a best friend in every aspect of the word.
1. wow, that guy has so much roast beef he could go curtis.
2. wow, that guy is hairy and kind of not..... what a curtis!
3. they are so sweet. they must have curtis-sized hearts.
4. that outfit is so fashionable for a man that it could be curtis.
5. you are my curtis.
by jennah cobb April 28, 2008
Insult. A guy who will call someone his best friend, then without any notice turn around and ditch them. And then say that said best friend was obsessed with him, when, in fact, it was him obsessing over the best friend.
Often referred to as "Bitch" or, more commonly in recent days "Brown Mouth".
Oh my god. You're turning into a Curtis.
by LUFCforlife April 18, 2008
A disguised way of saying you need to go #2, Hince Jamie Lee Curtis as the Activia Lady.
"Hold on guys, I'll meet up with you in a minute, I gotta drop off a Curtis real quick"
someone who shows no signs of getting up off of his sofa, has all his meals delivered to him. he spends most of his days jacking off to cartoon porn - has been known to get up off his sofa but only for the tv remote if he's dropped it or if theres a really shit programme on that he dosent like
person1: my dads such a fucking curtis, every time i see him hes on the sofa
person2: ye my dads like that to
person1: what a pair of douches
by DJ SPYKERZ(SCOUSED OUT) June 29, 2009
A word used for another in a crowd that you don't want hearing what you have to say f.x. sex words or illegal drugs.
a young man is talking to his friend about sex in a fancy dinner party:
1. So? Did she give you a... Curtis (here blowjob) see blowjob)
2. Oh hell yeah... and she... Curtis'ed :D:D:D (here swallowed)
1. Ohhhh boy! You bong monkey you! (see bong monkey)
by Tillinn December 28, 2007
Someone who has a short temper and refuses to shave.
"Look at those sideburns!"
"Yeah but watch out he's a curtis"
by |,,| -_- |,,| May 13, 2009
The act of pushing your penis inwards into the body until all that remains (visibly) are the testicles
Jack: Oi guys! I tried to Curtis and it won't come out!

Jill: Jack you seedy fuck
by Red Ranga February 21, 2007

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