A being out of its element in urban society.
What in fuck is a Curtis doing here?
I can't believe my eyes... is that a Curtis?
by Hawkyguy June 10, 2010
A person who puts himself above everyone else. This person thinks they are the greatest thing to walk the earth. They are horribly delusional when it comes to how 'productive' they are with women. Usually tells a good story, but in reality is a closet gay.
Boy A:Dude, she was so in to me...She wanted it...
Boy B: You're such a fucking CURTIS!!
by MlkChocolate10129 November 13, 2010
Possibly the biggest tool that the world has ever known. If a "Curtis" was the foe of James Bond, the famous 007 would likely kill himself due to this persons toolness.
"Dude did that kid just steal candy from a baby? What a curtis ...."

"Dude that kid is a curtis... he thought being able to burp his abc's would attract this babe...what a curtis bro."

"Dude that kid thought Helen Keller were two different people.. what a curtis."
by Da Boss 4444221 August 19, 2011
A cheating cunt. A man who would do anything it takes to win and has no dignity or morals
Hey monkeyboy, I heard you got kicked off Red Alert because you cheat all the time. You are such a Curtis
by Matt4406 February 21, 2010
an extremely hot environment; usually, but not always, indoors; usually used as a replacement for the word "hot" to illustrate the extreme heat
The thermostat was broken and the temperature continued to rise, prompting Corey to say, "It is absolutely curtis in here!"
by Jackonrad November 25, 2008
1. the most hairy man alive.
2. yet, still balding.....
3. has a massive heart.
4. very compassionate and impassioned.
5. very compatible with a jennaor jennah.
6. very metrosexual.
7. a best friend in every aspect of the word.
1. wow, that guy has so much roast beef he could go curtis.
2. wow, that guy is hairy and kind of not..... what a curtis!
3. they are so sweet. they must have curtis-sized hearts.
4. that outfit is so fashionable for a man that it could be curtis.
5. you are my curtis.
by jennah cobb April 28, 2008
a bloated blowfish black man incapable of being "real" he resembles forrest whittaker and bigge smalls. a curtis never brushes his tooth and refuses to bathe. u can find him behind a local grocery store beating his meat by a bonfire
an example of a curtis is a two headed clitoris with a hangnail
by fruckfucknut February 12, 2010

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