A bunch of fucking clowns selling people a load of shit with extra stuff that there not going to fuckin use.
Thanx a fucking bunch currys, for letting me pay double for my product over 5 years without telling me, you twats!
by Begum March 16, 2005
huge Company dedicated to pissing off its entire customer base by shitting on their rights
Currys had my pants down and did me dry.
by Bob Maloogaloogalooga July 31, 2003
Attractive females from south Asia, e.g. India or Bangladesh. The word, when used, objectifies said females.
Sinorice: Whooah, check out Amrita over there.

Randy: That is some damn fine curry.
by Jovian09 January 17, 2010
A derogatory term for an Indian person.
I almost got in a fight with the damn curry when his taxi almost hit my car.
by Stella Dash July 27, 2010
An Indian person.
"Hah look at that curry"

"He sure smells like it"
by julia3207 June 17, 2015
a generic name for Asian food, usually Indian.
Very popular in UK drank with huge quantities of lager.
Ooh chicken bhuna and chips for me mate!
Give that pussy yank a chicken korma and make mine vindaloo matey!
by nate rix June 11, 2003
Someone of extreme hotness, quite like an Indian curry.
Girl: Oh my god, he is so fucking hot
Other Girl: He's like a curry
by Fizzzzle August 30, 2008

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