nickname for an asian person (specificly muslim people that eat curry)
hey umer, whats up mr.curry
by katie forcurry June 08, 2006
1) A type of finger-lickin' good food
2) short for "curry muncher", a person of subcontinental descent who lives in the west. They often think they're cool because they're black so they try to act like negroes. Especially in Australia
Curry1: Yo Ranjeevkumar, wats for eatin?
Curry2: curry
by mohawk March 07, 2005
Semen or Cum. Has no relation to food however.
Dave has curry all over my bed because he is a chronic masturbater.
by Jack Anderson December 23, 2005
An indiviual of sub-continental descent eg. Sri Lankan, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi. Will usually have strong curry powder mixed with body oddur stench following them. Will generally think because they are black they emmediately become negros and enjoy telling bullshit stories. Famous for infesting many countries in particular England and Australia.
White person: So what u get up to this weekend Ghandhi?
Curry: Me and my otha nigga bloodz popped some cripz
White person: Shut the hell up u stupid curry!!!
by UdZ November 13, 2005
Name for an Indian / Sub-Continental man generaly with bad body odour, and western desires, and expressions.

Like an Indian Nigger!

"Hey kumar, come over here ya curry!!"

"Do you know Sanjay?"
"No, who?"
"You know, the fat smelly Curry"
by Rohanananan October 16, 2005
some punkass bitch that likes to talk shit and steal people's girlfriends away from them
Yea, Curry needs his ass kicked today
by urbestwhodi February 16, 2005

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