Someone of extreme hotness, quite like an Indian curry.
Girl: Oh my god, he is so fucking hot
Other Girl: He's like a curry
by Fizzzzle August 30, 2008
Curry is a popular sauce in Asian dishes, its a fish paste with chili and other spices added.

Curry has a strong smell, which if you cook with curry, the smell with remain on your hands even after you wash them.

Curry is most popular with Thai dishes. Though other Asian countries use Curry as well. The smell may not be that pleasent to some people, and its quite strong. But cooked in a meal, such as Golden Curry Crab, with sliced onions. Its a great meal if you like sweet heat.

Curry in english terms is generally called fish paste, which has links to Ketchup.

The anciant Chinese used a condiment from fish paste, which the English in old Europe made a condiment from tomato paste, more pleasing to old English mouths than the Chinese version, the Chinese name was similar to Ketchup, and why Ketchup is the popular condiment name used on everything from burgers to ziggly fries.

The link to fish paste is only one theory out of several however as to how Ketchup in its modern name surfaced. The Chinese theory is from kôe-chiap, a product from fish paste.

The first English referances to the word were in the late 1600's referring to an Indian sauce.

After Heinz, Ketchup is the common condiment used on everything from burgers to ziggly fries.
Curry might have a strong smell to it, but if you like spice and like seafood, its very good.

Person1 at work lunchroom: Wow, that Asian person just heated up something that smells horrible! I pity that microwave!!
Person2 at work lunchroom: Its Curry, and its actually quite good, if you stopped eating pizza and fries from the work cafe every day, you would not have such a huge butt you burger butt.
by forwardbias June 14, 2009
Any one of three entities living in the tri-state area. Known for their lust for blood, dashing good looks, cunning, getting drunk in school, dispatching the souls of the corrupt to their end, and destroying those who would denounce the name of the Curry dynasty.
Yo son, did you see that Curry? He/She looked fresh as hell!

What'd you say about Curry? Bro, do you know who they roll with?

by jose cansado December 08, 2006
An Overweight person usually seen with a wad of chewing tobacco in his lower lip. This "curry" likes to drive and on certain occasions can drink in access of over 17 beers.

He is also an quick thinker and has many inventions to his name.
"Hey look at that curry!"
"Yeah, he must be drunk."
by sweatyfarts May 09, 2010
People who are Indian. NOT American Indian.
"Did you see the turbans those curries were wearing? Maybe they are terrorists"
by Disturbed1 November 23, 2003
1) A reference to a female of Indian descent.

2) A reference to the genitalia of an Indian female.
Check out Sajani! That curry bitch is HOT.


Dude, your girl Taj is fine, but she seems uptight. Has she given up the curry yet?
by Jordan in Atlanta September 09, 2007
i have heard of two kinds of curry: Indian and Jamaican
Indian curry tastes... weird. its good, but its feels slimey. my main issue: smells like shit! i cant take that strong, nasty ass smell that Guyanese/Indian (cant tell the difference even though they live only in queens)
Jamaican curry tastes much better and is not basically drunk like the Indians do it its used like bbq sauce. the best part is no revolting smell!
mmmmmmmmm curry chicken (not chicken curry)

get the fuck away from me asshole you smell like your house: curry
by Z3r0s3volution May 20, 2009
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