A curd is someone who is both a cunt and a turd.
Sally is such a curd.
by corrssetti April 14, 2009
what little miss muffet ate
"eating her CURDS and whey"
by lauren September 02, 2003
Also known as "creampie", a curd is a contraction of cum and turd; such as the residual from anal sex.
WARNING: Curds can make a time-delayed exit, usually when trying to sneak a fart later. Pass with caution!
When I decided I was through with her ass, Mary went and relinquished her curds in the toilet.
alt.; Little Miss Muffet, sat on her tuffet...
by SLATCH September 21, 2005
An extremely un-appitizing and repulsive word word.

Should be deleted from the english language.

Offensive to some.
Todd: I'm having curds tonight for dinner!!

Sean: We aren't friends anymore.
by Bo'Lick August 11, 2009
Semen that has dried around the urethra.
Not having the time to clean up after his "Nightly Routine," Matt woke up to a bit of curd around his dick-head.
by Corrupt Cop June 25, 2009
an individual that is more boring than bean curd
I almost fell asleep in class today, because the teacher is such a curd.
by Charles Gibson January 18, 2003

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