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A hick, hillbilly, redneck, or other clasification of a poor uneducated person, usually one who is always in Guidance and smoke lots of weed and wears lame sweatshirts from Southeastern Massachusetts, primarily Freetown and Lakeville
Dude, Caitlin is wicked jucket.

I can't believe you blew me off to hang out with juckets.
by Guinnevere August 20, 2006
totally country. about as country as one can get.
being, or something that is, extremely redneck,hick, etc.
"Did that girl just put a dip in?"
"Yeah, she's so cuntry, dude."

One could say that going mudding is pretty country. Going muddin while wearing mossy oak camo, packing a dip, drankin a beer and hollerin "Ooooweeeee! Yip yip!" or "Yeehaw!" is cuntry.

Ain't nothin wrong with bein cuntry!
by Guinnevere November 05, 2008
to have chewing tobacco in one's mouth
"There is no way I'm kissing you while you're packing a dip."
by Guinnevere November 05, 2008
a straight male who shops at places like Structure, goes tanning, dyes his hair and wears diamond earrings; aka the Gotti Boys
That girl is always hooking up with flyboys. What's her deal?

I can't believe Justin joined the Marines -- he's such a flyboy.
by Guinnevere August 20, 2006
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