when sweet innocent totally platonic cuddling turns into hot heavy sex, made even hotter by the platonic closeness established by the cuddling
with cuddlefucking you get the best of both worlds
by wallis and futuna islands October 16, 2003
Emotionally comfortable sex that leaves both parties satisfied yet unattached.
"Hey, how was your weekend?"
"Ah, i just hung out with Joe from my Physics class last night."
"So what were you two up to?"
"We just talked and stuff."
"You totally had sex, didn't you!? But hey, isn't it awkward in class now, or you two a thing?"
"Neither. We cuddlefucked."
by Frankhenklein September 11, 2009
To have sexual intercourse while cuddling, usually in the spoon position (man facing woman's back, wrapped around her, both on their sides.) Characteristically slow and gentle sex.
Man: "Wanna have sex?"
Woman "I don't know, I'm kind of tired..."
Man: "Well why don't we cuddle fuck?"
Woman: "Okay then!"
by Amanda33 August 16, 2009
A classic and one of the best hook up moves ever created. Ask a girl to cuddle (usually while watching a movie), add some making out and dry sex... and bam you're popping that pussy and she's shaking that ass.
When you are about to cuddle-fuck your girl, make sure you rent a free movie because you'll never end up watching it.

I made the undefeated move of cuddle fucking my girl last night. Shit never fails.
by MSchneier November 16, 2011
The position where a couple are spooning (whilst horny) and the 'Big Spoon' has their erect penis positioned within their partners thigh gap.
Alice- Awww i just walked in on Hannah and Daniel cuddling, they're so cute!
Eric- Are you sure they weren't having a Cuddlefuck? They do that a lot.
by AppleBoy October 28, 2012
The act of aggressively rubbing the female and male genitals together while wearing clothing. Usually done in times when the female is menstruating and sex cannot be performed.
Bro, I cuddlefucked the shit out of my girl last night.
by _coffeee_ July 02, 2014
when two people are close together, kissing and holding each other, they begin to touch each other. The girl/guy jacks off the guy and in return the guy/girl fingers the girl until both cum. They both then continue to hold and kiss each other.
Cuddle Fucking is for example when John and Carmen are sitting on the couch, they are kissing each other and holing each other. John reaches into Carmen's pants and fingers her. Then Carmen reaches into John's pants and jerks him off. They both then go back to holding and kissing each other.
by aleroguy April 12, 2007

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