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when sweet innocent totally platonic cuddling turns into hot heavy sex, made even hotter by the platonic closeness established by the cuddling
with cuddlefucking you get the best of both worlds
by wallis and futuna islands October 16, 2003
these great little insects that live in your pubic hairs. THeyr'e really great and I like them a lot.
Hey Steve, do you want to see my crabs?
by wallis and futuna islands October 21, 2003
hiding place for all my money
man, my rectum is so full of all my money, i have so much money i'm goin to have to get another rectum to put it all in. hey baby, coem here and let me put my money in your rectum!
by wallis and futuna islands January 21, 2004
they are my balls, and they are hairy
i have really hairy balls, and they are mine, those hairy balls are mine, i love my hairey balls, oh god what a gift to have such hairy balls when so many paople don't have hairy balls
by wallis and futuna islands February 21, 2005
any inflammation of the urethra, usually do to some sort of infection, often by an STD.
it hurts when i pee due to my urethritis.
by wallis and futuna islands October 21, 2003
a group of penguins
an offense manouver in Rugby
a certain set of computer software tools
penguins in scrums are fun to watch

the team's scrum helped them score

i used SCRUM to do some computer stuff
by Wallis and Futuna Islands December 21, 2004
this means that you should come over, for the lovin' will surely be hot and of much peasure to be had.
hey baby, stop that coolik and come on over i'm ready for hot lovin now not when youre done with the coolik!!
by wallis and futuna islands October 16, 2003

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