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Inserting a cucumber into a vagina or anus, or both.
A good cucumbering is just what the doctor ordered, Ronnie said as he took that grandma's ass to double pound town.
by @AronymouslyGay December 07, 2015
to finger someone, to be fingered
1)He was cucumbering me while I was against the tree.
#cucumber #fingering #to finger #to cucumber #to be fingered
by laura =) May 04, 2006
When a girl using a cucumber to pleasure herself and follows it by eating the cucumber.
Guy 1: Hey. See that half eaten cucumber over there?
Guy 2: Yeah. What about it?
Guy 1: Meghan cucumbered with that.
Guy 2: WHOA! You mean to say that was used for cucumbering!?!
Guy 1: You got it
Guy 2: Oh god I had a few slices of that in my salad
#banana #squirt #fingering #orgasm #women
by Lee-bay April 13, 2009
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