A hybrid of a word, derived from the words 'cock' and 'cunt'. Could also be used to describe a hermaphadite I guess
you cuck! or That biatch has a cuck
by J-Eneration May 12, 2004
Top Definition
A demasculated Millenial liberal male who often speaks of white privilege and modern feminism. Blames white men for all of the world's problems.
There goes Chad again with the megaphone telling everyone that he's a vegan, what a cuck.
by Markster69 May 16, 2016
short verb form for cuckold, to make your spouse a cuckold.
I want to get 3 black men with fat dongs. I need to cuck my husband after he porked the babysitter.
by feaner January 18, 2007
Short for cuckservative. The word cuck is most commonly used on Twitter to describe anti-white whites. While it was originally formed with the original meaning of cuck hold the use of the word cuck does not necessarily denote a sexual connotation. Cucks do not care about Islamic countries throwing gays off buildings or hanging them as much as the cake baker who is Christian and won't serve gay wedding customers. Cucks give a free pass to anyone who criticizes them for fear of looking racist or homophobic. The word originated from White nationalists vocabulary but it is widely used by all.
These open-border cucks would rather bend over and let immigrants and refugees rape them then be called racist.
by LordViper May 15, 2016
A nerdy, effeminate white guy who gets off by watching Black guys screw his wife and satisfy her wife in ways he can't.
The nerdy post-doc that lives in my neighborhood is a total cuck--it is no accident that he rents a house three blocks away from a black neighborhood.
by Mplad July 10, 2008
A derogatory term used to describe political left-wingers.
Stalin: Let us have a money-less society!

Hitler: Lol, fuck off u cuck.
by NotAGymLad May 14, 2016
Someone who allows others to do harm to them or others because they feared something irrelevant such as being called a name or being thought of as a particular type of person. So they allow the harm to their self or others.
George is such a cuck for letting a rapist share a bedroom with his 10 year old daughter.

Bernie Sanders lost his votes to Hillary because she bought them illegally, but the cucks will still vote Hillary in.

All the cucks voted for universal free healthcare. But Obama got them a huge tax.

The cucks in Europe allow Muslims to sodomize them in public to avoid being called racists.

When Jim was anally raped in Germany by a Muslim immigrant from Africa; Jim was sad that the poor rapist immigrant was deported. What a cuck that guy Jim.
by xlioilx4 May 16, 2016
A term, derived from “cuckoldry”, describing someone whose politics and beliefs are characterised by masochism and/or self-loathing.
David is a total cuck--he'd rather throw himself under a bus than risk offending his PC masters.
by wldsznn June 15, 2016
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