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Cuck is defined as the word between fuck and cunt. Many people may use the word in different situations and the word may be changed to cuckface, cuckhead, cucking and many others
U are a fucking cuckhead.
Holy mother cucking Jesus.
by MooingRabbit June 16, 2010
American. This term was coined by disgruntled Canadians who wanted something insulting to call Americans. "Yank" wasn't strong enough, so "cuck" was it.
"There were an awful lot of cucks at the Edmonton Folk Festival this year, but it was still a good atmosphere."
by missestheoldgame November 24, 2009
a penis and vagina combined
a cock and a cunt =cuck
by chiddybang2128 November 16, 2010
a cross between 'cunt' and 'fuck'
That cuck asked me to buy her a drink last night!
by Robert Enfield December 13, 2007
1. crap or shit or stuff
2. can be substituted into any phrase as a noun
1. B.E.P.(8) My cucks, my cucks, my cucks..

2. Hayley: Give me that cuck.
Karly: No, I'm savin' this cuck for later.

3. I have to take a cuck.
by HayleyNKarly March 10, 2006
n. a man's penis

Typically used in public places where typical swearing is not allowed, in in cucksucker.

See penis, cock
Go away you, farking cucksucker
by Punboy December 28, 2003
short for suck cock. cuck(suck a cock) and cuckers(cock-suckers) and cucking(cock-sucking)
you know that girls cucks
fuck this, this cucks
you guys are cuckers
this cucking game
by T Low April 03, 2008