a penis and vagina combined
a cock and a cunt =cuck
by chiddybang2128 November 16, 2010
short for suck cock. cuck(suck a cock) and cuckers(cock-suckers) and cucking(cock-sucking)
you know that girls cucks
fuck this, this cucks
you guys are cuckers
this cucking game
by T Low April 03, 2008
a cross between 'cunt' and 'fuck'
That cuck asked me to buy her a drink last night!
by Robert Enfield December 13, 2007
A virgin Canadian asshole.
It took me forever to enter that cuck in Toronto last night.
by DangNasty October 03, 2006
A hybrid of a word, derived from the words 'cock' and 'cunt'. Could also be used to describe a hermaphadite I guess
you cuck! or That biatch has a cuck
by J-Eneration May 12, 2004

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