the name of a person, more so a women then a man.
i am crystal, who the fuck are you?
by Crystal B January 02, 2006
A girl who has split personalities that will always try to make you laugh. A honest and humble girl, she is strong-willed and is unpredictable.
"OMG! I just talked with a Crystal! She's SO funny."
by AutumnSundae January 10, 2015
a highly addictive fancy drug. addictees are usually stalkers.
"i stalk crystal day and night"

"i love crystal"
by Swallow June 10, 2008
Crystal A fabulous waifu whos super fabulous and is so beautiful and wonderful and has a kawaii laugh and a kawaii voice.
Person 1: Who's that
Person 2: She's my precious Crystal. u v u
by Pyro Manic May 24, 2014
definition of beauty. very well rounded and focuses on whats important in life, protects her family with her life and will make you regret crossing her if a crystal is crossed. Strong willed, logical and wise.

if you have the fortune of falling in love with a crystal, your life will be forever fulfilled.
damnnn that girls a crystal.
by kindled February 04, 2010
A sexy girl with huge boobs, she gives great blow jobs and shes great in bed, kinda crazy too, not afraid to be kinky
That girl is such a Crystal
by K.G.G February 01, 2009
A beautiful girl with a smile that makes anybody's day. Intelligent and cute, yet strong and tomboyish. She's the first person to pop in your head in the morning and the last person you think about before sleep. She's the reason you get up in the morning and take in the day. In your world, she's the reason flowers grow, why the earth spins, and why your heart still beats. The perfect girl.
"Wow Crystal. is amazing, She means the world to me man". Friend:"good for you, now shut up. It's like 3:00am dude".
by ANMAN21. January 01, 2012
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