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is the word that is used to debase people who make it their job to torture and finally, kill people with their illogical attempts to make people laugh.

Often used along with the suffixes mama, apa, jhaat etc.

It is also often used as a warcry to vent your good or bad feelings.
The name is Mama... Crund Mama!!!
by crund mama October 16, 2007


crun·da·cious (crŭn-dā'shəs)

1. Given to smashings.
2. Full of smash: <i>a crundacious web site.</i>
1. "Have you seen this crundacious web site?"

2. "Sorry, that was the my most crundacious friend."

by AniYochanan September 10, 2006
reference to cracking obsolete jokes; a dance form; 'crundmama' is how you address any one who blades;song that goes by "CRA CRA CRUNDMAMA";high quality razor sharp blades are referred to as crunds in kchand dictionary
He is a MAMA...... CRUNDMAMA
by Crundacious Crund Mama March 06, 2008
verb, to hit hard or smash. This word comes from Toronto probably made up by a small circle of teenagers in the 1960's.
When he hit the ground, his faced was crunded.
by CDN August 17, 2004
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