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Slang for the genitals area. Either the region containing the genitals, or the genitals themselves.
He got kicked in the crun.
by econobeing March 15, 2005
A combination of the words crazy and fun. When something is crazy and fun it is crun. Only the crunnest things can be crun.
Vhenscent: Dag yo, dis partee be hoppin!
Naughtya: Told ya I would show you a crun night!
by vhenscent December 09, 2009
to go for a run when you're upset and you end up crying
My mom yelled at me so I went for a crun to let out all my feelings
by heheheheheheherman April 10, 2012
State of excreting cum covered feces following anal sex.
In the back, no babies.. I gave that girl c-runs for the whole week!

He can put it wherever he wants. I'd take c-runs from that player any day.
by Yingyangtwin August 28, 2009

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