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Short for Davidson 257 South. Unanimously accepted as the best place to be at Union College, and possibly planet earth. Inhabited by four unfathomably attractive young men who possess charm, spit fire, and aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. Come to 257 ready to play hard, if you have what it takes to come at all.
-Everybody at Union wants to live in 257

-How was your endurance?
-Unbelievable, because I live in 257

-Literally every recruit and visitor who parties in 257 ends up puking

-How has 257 never gotten busted?
-Because its inhabitants are wise and know how to slay

-maaaaaaaaaan aint no charlie bouchard...
by Team 257 October 13, 2009
the end of something, most commonly referred to a divorce, the end of a relationship or quitting a job
I am so 257 (said as two five seven) with hairdressing. Everybody has enough hair oil to cook for an entire family!

My boyfriend 257-ed on me last night.
by LAILAAAAA October 29, 2010
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