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Muzzie - (MUH-zee)

A term used to reference a Muslim. Although not strictly a pejorative, usage in certain contexts may be considered offensive.
She dates Buddhists, but wants to marry a Muzzie.
by AniYochanan April 11, 2008


crun·da·cious (crŭn-dā'shəs)

1. Given to smashings.
2. Full of smash: <i>a crundacious web site.</i>
1. "Have you seen this crundacious web site?"

2. "Sorry, that was the my most crundacious friend."

by AniYochanan September 10, 2006
(also, HILLD or HILL'D)

1) To embellish, exaggerate or otherwise misrepresent past events, activities or actions, generally to suit a current point or larger agenda.

2) To invoke the "misspoke" or "misheard" defense when caught in an embellishment, exaggeration or other misrepresentation.
1) "They asked about my prior pot use, but I hilled 'em"

2) "I have him on video doing it - I can't believe he hill'd!"
by AniYochanan April 04, 2008
An IslamoTourist is a Muslim that travels to and stays in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes related to expansion and furtherance of Islamitude, or dhimmification and destruction of the infidel.
The Dearborn IslamoTourist Council has released new Domestic Tour target maps!
by AniYochanan July 11, 2008
A young girl servant or slave (preferably 6 to 9 years old) procured for the exclusive sexual enjoyment of a tyrannical leader or pedophilistic dictator.
Check out Muzzie Mo! He's got himself a new Aisha!
by AniYochanan April 27, 2008

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