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A tractor-tire shaped donut sold at Tim Hortons in Canada. It is made, I swear, of sugar, lard and pure, uncut cocaine.
If you're going to Tims I'll have a double double and some crullers.
by breakwall January 14, 2005
- verb; cruller, crullered, crullering

To overdue something by giving a person something you think they like until they don't like it anymore.
Parents do this often, as well as grandparents.

It is very annoying when this happens and is hard to reverse the effects of.
Person 1: "Oh man, mom keeps buying Spiderman things for little Dreyfuss. He already has 3 Spiderman T-shirts, the whole set of action figures, two posters and a Spiderman bedsheet set."

Person 2: "Poor kid, he doesn't even like Spiderman that much. He's totally getting crullered!"
by Waguchi October 21, 2009
the anus
yank those rosemary beads out of my cruller
by nako July 10, 2008
A male who likes to pee on himself
My friend michael king is a cruller so he always takes the stall instead of the urinal
by Will Coyle April 13, 2008

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