Women who are attracted by shiny objects, namely obnoxiously garish jewelry.
- My grandmother is so sweet, but her home shopping network addiction makes her a bit of a crow.

- Those two sorority girls won't shut up about some basketball player's wife's "rock". What a bunch of fucking crows!!!
by squareforceone November 14, 2009
to signify overwhelming quantities or ridiculousity.
Victorian1: Crow. That guy's bike is out of control.
Victorian2: Shwae.
by anomalousvikingninja September 01, 2009
1. The God of ultimate chillin.
2. The famous speaker of this quote, "The feature of my day is coming home and sitting on my ass."

c m
3. C - R O W
h a f h
i c o i
l k t
l a e
i b
n o
JT: Sup fool? What are you doing tonight?
Phat Tony: Chillin with C-row.
JT: Fo real.
by Anonymous February 10, 2003
Racist term for an African American, because the crow fucks property up, steals shit, and never shuts the FUCK UP! and plus, crows are black

other words: nigger, spook, and... black guy
that fuckin crow stole my TV!
by RAcist shit May 20, 2010
A term used to describe the erect penis of a dog.
1. Fido has crow. 2. Your dog has massive crow.
by SyrupyDischarge October 20, 2008
Being drunk off of your nuts yelling,cussing, and throwing obscene gestures to rotten women.
Uncle was kicked out of a bar for crowing too hard!!
by UncleRemus August 30, 2005
the name given to a fugly girlfriend of a waaayy hot guy, usually a guy you like and think deserves someone way better than the crow, like you! crows are generally really ugly and fat and have retarded noses, oh what fucktards! crows generally accquire boyfrends by stealing, so they are man stealing whores and sometimes have dyed sections of hair, red being the worst colour of all. CROWS MUST DIE
girl1: ewww i cant belev hes goin out with her!
girl2: yeah shes a total crow
girl1: yeah she doesn deserv to witness that fitness, whore
girl2: queen crow!!!!!!!
by crowhater June 25, 2009

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